Clean, press, deadlift workout

I practiced cleans today at 35 and 55 pounds. All I want to do is get
faster since I saw video of my slow clean. I did a bunch of reps
starting at the high hang, shrugging and dropping. Then I tried some
from the floor. Scott sensibly told me I should start from the knees
instead, do 50 or 60 reps that way, and try from the floor when those
are really comfortable. I’m glad at least I’m starting to be able to
hold my upper back in position for the shrug, and I understand what Scott means when
he mentions that. Before a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t feel it.

By this time it was pouring outside and I had the scooter so I decided
to work on presses and deadlifts. On the press I warmed up and did five
sets of 5 reps at 33 kg (80 percent of my 1-rep max). I was a little
afraid that I wouldn’t get through all five sets but with several
minutes rest between sets it went fine.

On the deadlift I warmed up and did one set of 5 at 91 kg (also 80
percent of 1RM). Hard work but I love doing it. Afterward I rolled on
the hard foam cylinder with the front of my legs (quads), then stood
and stretched them as well as I could. It felt good.

By now it was snowing, and I rode home on the scooter by repeatedly
wiping snow off my helmet visor. If it had been sticking to the road I
would have been in trouble but it wasn’t.