Snatch practice

I completed the 12 weightlifting workouts in the program Scott had given me. We did max testing before we started. Weirdly, my max snatch says it was 40 kg. Hard to believe I got that overhead in one move without dropping it, but I’m sure it was ugly. In the course of the 12 workouts I learned some of what I was doing inadequately. I was catching the bar high, doing power snatches exclusively, because I lacked the nerve and skill and stability to catch it low. Trying to remedy that, I’ve done several workouts where I started with an empty bar and did Sots presses, snatch drops, and snatches from knee height. Sots presses are hard but I started liking them because it was so clear that I could only get better!

Today I made movies of myself practicing Sots presses, drop snatches, and snatches. When I looked at them I was happy that I was getting under the weight and was able to catch it a lot lower than I used to. But I was unhappy to see that I wasn’t extending the hips all the way.

In this video, with 21 kg I do two Sots presses, a heaving snatch drop, a no-heave snatch drop (those are fun, I love the fast feet and the stomp), and two snatches from the knee. My hips stay a little piked (not fully extending) but I do get under the weight reasonably fast compared to how I used to look. Full extension costs a little time, so instead I drop
early in an attempt to be fast. I need both! Full, aggressive
extension/shrug, and a fast drop.

Having discovered the lack of hip extension, in this video also with 21 kg, I practice the hip extension and then do some snatches. Extension is much better. But am I slower? If I am, I can’t tell.

Finally I went up in weight to 25 kg and tried the same thing.

I caught it a little high because it’s heavier. I need more Sots, drop snatch, and snatch practice at weights between 21 and 25 kg to get this weight more solid in a fast, low catch after a full extension. Maybe later this year I’ll get to 40 kg with a lot better technique than when I started.

I did today’s drills with 15 kg, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 25 kg (except no Sots on the 25).