Testing max lifts

Having completed one cycle of Scott’s program for O-lifting, I needed to test max lifts in order to start the next cycle. (I haven’t tested them all yet.)

Overhead squat: 50 kg (I may be able to do more but I stopped at 50) (previous max was 37)

Back squat: 100 kg (previous max was 85)

Snatch: only 27 kg because I don’t want to count it if I can ONLY power-snatch it (catch it high). Going to a weekend O-lift workshop in June for two days and hope to improve this.

Deadlift (tested for fun, not for O-lifting): 115 kg (previous max was 110)

Clean and jerk: 53 kg if I recall correctly (duh, it was only last Saturday)

Front squat: ? – still need to test

I have to plug these numbers into Scott’s new spreadsheet and then I can start on the next cycle.

To work on overhead squats, I want to do sets of 5. That means using 80 percent of my 1-rep max, or 31 kg. I have my work cut out for me. We have an 18-year-old female athlete who is my same weight and has overhead squatted bodyweight (60 kg). I want to catch up with her. if only for a 1RM. She’s working on overhead squatting bodyweight for 15 reps, a common goal of more accomplished CrossFitters. If I ever do that… well, I guess there’s no real reason to think I never will… but it won’t be as soon as the young lady I’m thinking of does it! She’s incredibly strong and has the fast recovery ability of youth.

I used this calculator for various-rep max weights if you plug in the max lift that you’ve done.