Maybe we overdid it a little

My client LH wanted some ideas for CrossFitting in the non-CF-specializing gym she belongs to. She took me in there today as her guest. Working out in a deluxe place like that is always a treat even though I wouldn’t trade CrossFit Seattle for all the nice views and saunas in town. First we did some deadlifting, and we both worked up to a heavy set of five (for me, 196 lbs). Then we did a CrossFit workout: 21-15-9 dumbbell push-up rows and dumbbell thrusters. I used 15 and 30 pounds. Eleven minutes. Then I had to ride my bike home. I was S-l-o-w coming uphill at the end. I’ve been pretty knocked out ever since.

At the front desk when I was registering as a guest, we talked with a trainer who is going to an event that will have CF trainers and kettlebell trainers, among other things, teaching what they do. I hope he likes it. He was skeptical about CrossFit for average people and said you have to be a high-performance athlete to do it.

That’s not correct, but one would get that impression from watching the videos on, which show elite CrossFitters instead of a real cross-section. Lots of average people do CrossFit, and work harder than they would anywhere else, but within their own safety and ability threshhold. Look at the videos to get an idea what correct form looks like at speed, to get inspired by how intense some people can get, to get ideas on how to build a creative workout, or to see what CrossFit is if taken to its limits, but don’t look at the videos to decide whether or not you can actually do CrossFit yourself. It looks different on everybody.