Kettlebell class series 2 wrap-up

Tonight was our last class meeting. It was beautiful and cool out, so we grabbed a light and a medium kettlebell each and walked 3 blocks to the park. On the big cement apron between the basketball court and the restrooms they did kettlebell drills, in between which they would run to various parts of the park to do other exercises: push-ups on the bleachers (elevating the hands), jumping pull-ups on the monkey bars, step-ups on this weird round concrete thing that was just the right height, and back and forth.

I was so pleased to see in these last few sessions of the class that people are doing just fine at all the moves we’ve learned, even the harder ones like the clean and the snatch, which require more technique practice than the basic swing and deadlift. The clean and the snatch, when I introduce it, I almost hate to make people practice it because when you’re new to it, it kinda hits you in the forearm or shoulder in a relentless and uncomfortable way. But they have to practice to get through that, so we do a little in several sessions and that seems to be what it takes. There are lots of partial and unweighted moves that lead into it so that helps at first.

I hope to start a new six-week class around June 2 and am firming that up.