Postvacation Reinitiation

Tom and I spent two weeks on vacation in Utah. It was far from a sedentary vacation. Our young nephews in Salt Lake City made every day a CrossFit workout, with tag, basketball, hide and seek, running around the block, kite flying, and most of all the Total Ownership of the playground equipment at the park! Then in Moab we hiked dry creek washes and slickrock in national parks for hours and hours and hours and hours and…

And came back in time for the CrossFit Championship yesterday at Carkeek Park. Tom did the workout and I didn’t. I operated the stopwatch for the start times instead and was secretly relieved not to have to participate in the actual work! It was a beautiful day and a great time.

Today’s 5 PM workout in Scott’s class: an abridged version of the championship workout:
50 kettlebell highpull deadlifts
Run 800 meters (twice around the block)
25 pull-ups
50 push-presses, 45-lb barbell
25 burpees
Tire drag to the bottom of the parking lot and back.

The timer stopped after the burpees. The timed portion took me 14:44. The tire drag was awesome. I thought my legs were going to break off at the knees on the return trip, when my quads took over from my tired rear and promptly gave out. It’s good to be back!