CrossFit Seattle in the local news

A reporter from KIRO radio came and interviewed Dave Werner, the owner of the gym (and my boss). Oddly enough for a radio story, it is online (linked behind Dave’s name above). Take a look at the ten photos along with it. They’re quite representative of what we do although pictures can never capture the three-ring circus atmosphere.

4 PM CrossFit class: a grip killer

I didn’t realize what a grip killer this was going to be. I wanted people to do weighted walking lunges (I almost typed ‘lunches’) and then thought it would be good to use the same dumbbells for something else, so I added the clean and push-press, then thought pull-ups would round it out well. So they did this:

2-dumbbell weighted walking lunge, one length of the gym
20 clean and push-press
15 pull-ups
Four rounds

4 PM CrossFit class: 4 drills for one minute

2-KB front squats

Do each for 1 minute. Break only to call out score and move to next station. There were only two trainees or I would have done it in partners like Fight Gone Bad.

Three rounds.

One minute break in between rounds.

I found that when I come to the gym and do a really hard workout, I don’t question it and just do the best I can; but when I’m the one who made up the workout and am running it, watching the trainees do it, I feel bad for making them do something hard. I ought to get over that!

Kettlebell class

Tonight was the second night of the new session. We did an extensive weightlifting style warm-up using PVC: shoulder pass-throughs (shrug and pull the bar ends apart the whole time); the Burgener warm-up several times through; more pass-throughs; additional overhead squats; and several run-throughs of the press, pushpress, jerk progression. This was before we picked up the kettlebells. Everyone was sore so the more lightweight warm-up, the better.

We reviewed last week’s exercises, the deadlift, two-hand swing, and goblet squat. We learned the one-hand swing, press, and push-press. The workout:

1-hand swing, 10 per side
Push-press, 6 per side
15 air squats, touch the medicine ball (as a depth gauge)
5 rounds or 15 minutes whichever comes first.

People pushed themselves but stayed safe. I was watching back position, hip extension, and shoulder stability in the push-press. Afterward we played around with pull-ups, using ring-rows, rubberbands, jumping, and kipping.

Kettlebell multi-five-minutes

Scott ran this one tonight and I worked out with his 5:00 group.

5 minutes 1-kettlebell snatch; how many reps can you do?
No restriction on resting or switching hands.
I did 95 reps with 16 kg.

Run 400m

5 minutes 1-kettlebell clean and jerk; how many reps?
I did 40 with 18 kg.

Run 400m

5 minutes 1-kettlebell 1-hand swing; how many reps?
I did 107 with 18 kg. I was tired and happy.

4 PM CrossFit class: cleans and running

The workout today for my 4 PM CrossFit class:

21 barbell cleans, medium heavy

Run 400m

18 cleans

Run 400m

15 cleans

Run 400m

9 cleans

Run 400m

For time.

I had two people in class. One substituted rowing for running because of a knee problem. This may not have been the best sub, in hindsight, because rowing uses practically the same moves as the clean–explosiveness from the legs and hips, and a sharp pull. Both people finished in well under 15 minutes.

New CrossFit class started this week

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the day of my first 4 PM CrossFit class. I’m doing this every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the same time. (On Mondays and Fridays at 4:00 I have a regular client.) I had two trainees in class yesterday, not bad for a first day at an off-prime-time hour. The workout:

Crazy Eights — with one kettlebell:

8 snatches right

8 snatches left

8 front squats

8 pushups

8-second push-up plank hold

8 rounds for time.

The other time I ran this particular workout was back in maybe February with a coworker at his martial arts school.

If you’d like to come to my CrossFit class (or any other class on the gym schedule), get in touch. The gym requires four personal training sessions to learn the movements; the first CrossFit training session is free.