New CrossFit class started this week

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the day of my first 4 PM CrossFit class. I’m doing this every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the same time. (On Mondays and Fridays at 4:00 I have a regular client.) I had two trainees in class yesterday, not bad for a first day at an off-prime-time hour. The workout:

Crazy Eights — with one kettlebell:

8 snatches right

8 snatches left

8 front squats

8 pushups

8-second push-up plank hold

8 rounds for time.

The other time I ran this particular workout was back in maybe February with a coworker at his martial arts school.

If you’d like to come to my CrossFit class (or any other class on the gym schedule), get in touch. The gym requires four personal training sessions to learn the movements; the first CrossFit training session is free.