Kettlebell class

Tonight was the second night of the new session. We did an extensive weightlifting style warm-up using PVC: shoulder pass-throughs (shrug and pull the bar ends apart the whole time); the Burgener warm-up several times through; more pass-throughs; additional overhead squats; and several run-throughs of the press, pushpress, jerk progression. This was before we picked up the kettlebells. Everyone was sore so the more lightweight warm-up, the better.

We reviewed last week’s exercises, the deadlift, two-hand swing, and goblet squat. We learned the one-hand swing, press, and push-press. The workout:

1-hand swing, 10 per side
Push-press, 6 per side
15 air squats, touch the medicine ball (as a depth gauge)
5 rounds or 15 minutes whichever comes first.

People pushed themselves but stayed safe. I was watching back position, hip extension, and shoulder stability in the push-press. Afterward we played around with pull-ups, using ring-rows, rubberbands, jumping, and kipping.