Fight Gone Crazy

The gym had a barbecue last Friday night after lots and lots of people ran through Fight Gone Bad. My score was 276 278. This score was fine with me–the middle of the range I’ve scored in the past five or so times I’ve done FGB. My CrossFit workouts have been sporadic lately and mixed in with weightlifting and bike rides and a few runs. So I’m glad to see I haven’t lost tons of conditioning.

Individual exercise scores in rounds 1, 2, and 3:
Wallball (12 lbs): 30, 22, 22
Sumo HP DL (24-kg kettlebell): 25, 19, 16
Box jump: 25, 17, 18
Pushpress (24-kg barbell): 20, 14, 19
Row (calories): 13, 10, 8