Various beatdowns; and my CrossFit anniversary!

Friday night: barbell snatches and dips. 7 snatches, 7 dips, how many rounds in 15 minutes. I used 22 kg and got 8 rounds.

Saturday: Weighted pull-ups with 8, 12, then 16 kg kettlebells on a waist harness. I did about 10 singles with the 16. Then from my O-lifting workout program for that day, I did 3 sets of 5 presses at 30 kg and 5 overhead squats at 30, 35, and 38 kg. I was so tired!

The pull-ups took something away from the presses and squats, making them a lot harder than they would have been. Pressing and OHS at those weights are not close to my max normally. I think the weighted pull-ups affected me similarly to heavy deadlifts. They kind of ARE heavy deadlifts in that I start with straight arms in a dead hang and am lifting more than my body weight.

Later that day I lay on the couch for two hours dozing on and off while Tom was watching Star Trek. I slept for ten hours that night and also took a nap on Sunday. Sleeping after weightlifting is so sweet.

Today is my fourth anniversary as a CrossFitter. I’m proud of my hard work and “evolution,” and it has been rewarding to discover my athletic ability. I went into CrossFit with no opinion on what results would come along or on how strong I could be, but I was open minded about lifting heavier and heavier weight in unfamiliar lifts like the deadlift and squat, and open to trying harder exercises like kipping pull-ups and kettlebell snatches. This was because I quickly realized I was able to understand and trust the coaching instructions, and I saw no reason not to keep moving onward. This was very different from school team sports whose rules I never could remember (in fact it seemed like the rules were never even taught).

Deadlifting and pressing

This is from Wednesday.

10 @ 40 kg
5 @ 50 kg
2 x 5 @ 70
5 @ 80
5 @ 90
4, 3, 2, @ 95 kg
2, 2, 2 @ 95 kg

10 @ 20 kg
5 @ 25 kg
5 @ 30 kg
1, 1 @ 40 kg
6 push-press @ 40 kg

I slept like a dead person that night.

I need to do some pulling to balance the pressing I’ve done the past two weeks. I’ll do some weighted pull-ups today. Last night I did a max set of dead-hang pull-ups (10) and should have done another max set or two before I left the gym. But I didn’t (insert excuse here).


Tom bought some bumper plates and a barbell for our basement–so awesome to have! Nonetheless I went to the gym today to deadlift. I had gone bike riding and shoveled a bunch of woodchips so I didn’t go as heavy as last time. I got up to 2 x 5 @ 85 kg.

Kettlebell class starts next week

Past sessions of the kettlebell class have been lots of fun, with even skeptical beginners getting enthusiastic about working out. No gym membership is needed. Come and join us.

Class schedule:

12 sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 PM
Start date: Tuesday, Sept. 16
End date: Tuesday, Oct. 28 (no class on Tuesday Sept. 30)
Price: $145
Location: CrossFit Seattle in Fremont (with easy parking!)

The class is designed for people who are new (or “new-ish”) to kettlebells. You don’t need to own any kettlebells. In each class we’ll learn or review three or more exercises and then do a group workout.

Goals of the class:
-Build strength, stamina and physical confidence using CrossFit methods with kettlebells
-Learn movements requiring various amounts of skill
-Give you the information you need to work out on your own with kettlebells

To sign up or ask questions, email fran at fitnotes dot net.

Squats and presses

Yesterday I worked on squats. I warm up pretty much just by starting to squat, so I do a lot of warm-up sets before the work set:
5 @ 20 kg;
2 x 5 @ 50 kg;
5 @ 60, 75, and 85 kg
Work sets: I wanted to do 2 x 5 @ 90 but I managed 1 x 5 then 3, 2. I was happy with that because last time I tried to do five reps at 90 kg, I bailed after three.
Pressing: worked up to 3 then 2 @ 35 kg, then 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1 @ 37.
I’ve pressed 42 before (months ago) and I want to work back up and get to 45 by six months from now. Maybe it won’t take very long? I don’t know what to expect.


I’m trying to work my squat, press, and deadlift back up after they fell off a little. I wasn’t training them enough.
Tuesday, 9/2: deadlifted up to a broken set of 5 (three then two) at 95 kg. Pressed up to three then two at 37 kg.
Thursday, 9/4: Squats up to 90 kg. I wanted to do two sets of five, but this was ambitious since my 1-rep max several weeks ago was a very sketchy 105 that I hadn’t repeated. On 9/4 I managed 3 reps at 90 and bailed, dropping the weight behind me (bumper plates, no problem). I figured dropping it meant I was done, but Scott said I should try it again. Thank goodness he was there. I took the weight apart, racked the bar, put the weight back on, and successfully squatted 4 then 2 reps. It was gratifying to do all that after having bailed.
I’m going to start working presses twice a week and deadlift and squats once each. I should be doing it today but I have a big load of wood chips to shovel, enroute to making a couple of new flower beds!
Next 12-session kettlebell class starts Tuesday the 16th. Email me if you would like in. Fran at fitnotes dot net.