I’m trying to work my squat, press, and deadlift back up after they fell off a little. I wasn’t training them enough.
Tuesday, 9/2: deadlifted up to a broken set of 5 (three then two) at 95 kg. Pressed up to three then two at 37 kg.
Thursday, 9/4: Squats up to 90 kg. I wanted to do two sets of five, but this was ambitious since my 1-rep max several weeks ago was a very sketchy 105 that I hadn’t repeated. On 9/4 I managed 3 reps at 90 and bailed, dropping the weight behind me (bumper plates, no problem). I figured dropping it meant I was done, but Scott said I should try it again. Thank goodness he was there. I took the weight apart, racked the bar, put the weight back on, and successfully squatted 4 then 2 reps. It was gratifying to do all that after having bailed.
I’m going to start working presses twice a week and deadlift and squats once each. I should be doing it today but I have a big load of wood chips to shovel, enroute to making a couple of new flower beds!
Next 12-session kettlebell class starts Tuesday the 16th. Email me if you would like in. Fran at fitnotes dot net.