Kettlebell class starts next week

Past sessions of the kettlebell class have been lots of fun, with even skeptical beginners getting enthusiastic about working out. No gym membership is needed. Come and join us.

Class schedule:

12 sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 PM
Start date: Tuesday, Sept. 16
End date: Tuesday, Oct. 28 (no class on Tuesday Sept. 30)
Price: $145
Location: CrossFit Seattle in Fremont (with easy parking!)

The class is designed for people who are new (or “new-ish”) to kettlebells. You don’t need to own any kettlebells. In each class we’ll learn or review three or more exercises and then do a group workout.

Goals of the class:
-Build strength, stamina and physical confidence using CrossFit methods with kettlebells
-Learn movements requiring various amounts of skill
-Give you the information you need to work out on your own with kettlebells

To sign up or ask questions, email fran at fitnotes dot net.