Various beatdowns; and my CrossFit anniversary!

Friday night: barbell snatches and dips. 7 snatches, 7 dips, how many rounds in 15 minutes. I used 22 kg and got 8 rounds.

Saturday: Weighted pull-ups with 8, 12, then 16 kg kettlebells on a waist harness. I did about 10 singles with the 16. Then from my O-lifting workout program for that day, I did 3 sets of 5 presses at 30 kg and 5 overhead squats at 30, 35, and 38 kg. I was so tired!

The pull-ups took something away from the presses and squats, making them a lot harder than they would have been. Pressing and OHS at those weights are not close to my max normally. I think the weighted pull-ups affected me similarly to heavy deadlifts. They kind of ARE heavy deadlifts in that I start with straight arms in a dead hang and am lifting more than my body weight.

Later that day I lay on the couch for two hours dozing on and off while Tom was watching Star Trek. I slept for ten hours that night and also took a nap on Sunday. Sleeping after weightlifting is so sweet.

Today is my fourth anniversary as a CrossFitter. I’m proud of my hard work and “evolution,” and it has been rewarding to discover my athletic ability. I went into CrossFit with no opinion on what results would come along or on how strong I could be, but I was open minded about lifting heavier and heavier weight in unfamiliar lifts like the deadlift and squat, and open to trying harder exercises like kipping pull-ups and kettlebell snatches. This was because I quickly realized I was able to understand and trust the coaching instructions, and I saw no reason not to keep moving onward. This was very different from school team sports whose rules I never could remember (in fact it seemed like the rules were never even taught).