Various beatdowns without elbows, if possible

My tennis elbow turned into a serious problem while I was trying to ignore it. Now I have to do special exercises, massage, ice, and hardest of all, rest it. It’s very discouraging having to work with clients and try to stay in shape virtually without using my left hand.

Last night’s workout with Dave’s class was run 800m, 100 push-ups (which took me just under 10 minutes), another 800m run. I was the last person to finish. I haven’t been doing enough CrossFit lately by a long shot, but oh well, I’m doing what I can and am happy to be there. I was grateful to Dave for giving us a non-pulling workout because of my elbow.

I went for a long run (for me) on Tuesday, just over five and a half miles. I ran for an hour without stopping. It was a sunny day and I was running along the lake so that made it tolerable. Later my left psoas was killing me. The massage/physical therapist who I saw for the elbow also gave me some therapy I can do on my own for the hip flexors–mainly rolling the IT band on the hard foam roller. I dislike doing that, but I’m doing it, and I can tell it’s loosening up my legs a bit already. I won’t be doing a lot of five-mile runs but running is one thing I can do that makes the elbow feel better instead of worse.

Today I worked on back squats at the gym, working up to 10 sets of 2 reps at 90 kg. Last Saturday: 5 reps at 85, then 5 x 3 at 85, then 3 x 10 pull-ups, mostly dead hang, some kipping.

The previous Thursday, the 2nd: 200 kettlebell swings then an 800-meter run. This plus the training sessions in the next few hours hurt my elbow a lot and prompted me to go see the PT.