Fran-style modified workout

Scott had his class do “Fran” tonight–21, 15, 9 reps each of thrusters and pull-ups. I didn’t want to do a lot of kipping pull-ups and risk re-aggravating my elbow tendonitis, so Scott had me substitute V-ups. I just used a 45-pound bar for the thrusters. I finished the workout in 3:11 and felt a little bit like I was going to throw up. It was great! I haven’t been doing enough CrossFit lately because of the combination of the elbow problem and the fact that in the evenings, when I used to do CrossFit, I’m now training people.

My elbow is slowly getting better. About half the time it doesn’t hurt at all, and half the time it’s mildly symptomatic. I’m seeing and following the advise of the therapists at Integrated Manual Therapies in Shoreline.