Farmer walk, short but heavy

On Friday night we did a bunch of skin-the-cats, then with a partner, alternated on 3 single kettlebell clean and jerks for 10 minutes. Emily and I did (I think) 11 rounds (both people going through 3 reps on both hands). We used a 16-kg kettlebell. I liked this workout because it was hard without making me stop to rest. I should have used an 18 or 20 probably. I was impressed with Emily going with the 16 all the way through, because originally she intended to use a 12.

After that we all did a one-lap farmer walk inside the gym carrying the heaviest combination of kettlebells that we could. I ended up carrying a pair of 32 kg’s with a pair of 12’s. (Reach through the 12’s to grasp the 32’s with a thumbless grip in order to carry them all together.) Together this is almost one and a half times my body weight. It wiped me out like a max deadlift workout would. The great thing about it was that if you didn’t do the math, it didn’t seem that hard–a short distance, though heavy. But then when you think about how deadlifts are not normally carried but just picked up and put down, while this was walked one foot at a time and balanced, it’s easier to see why it was so tiring. The guys went a lot heavier.

This made my elbow sore, but it seems to have recovered to its now-normal low-level achiness.

Late this week I’ll do a deadlift workout and see if I can do better than my recent 3 reps at 105.