Max front squat 90 kg

In the gym one of the three goals we’ll be tracking for the next four months is the front squat, so I tested my 1-rep max yesterday. I made it to 90 kg, a new max.

It was one bright spot in a disappointing week. Starting last Tuesday I’ve had a worse than nagging pain in my right shoulder. It’s bad enough to wake me up at night and keep me from going back to sleep and has been for eight nights. I didn’t think anything was torn because I still have full range in the shoulder. What I can’t do is jump to a support position on rings or dip bars. Something on the right side is turned off and not working.

This occurred (not sure how and wasn’t aware of it at the time) in my first week of feeling like my left elbow tendonitis was well enough to work out hard. I was so excited and now I’m feeling like I’m doomed. I hope I’m overreacting but I’ve never had pain like this before. Luckily, moving it around a lot makes it hurt less (that’s the only thing that does) so at least when I’m at the gym I’m not distracted every second.