Basement workout

Weighted walking lunges with 20-lb. dumbbells, 1 lap
15 V-ups
10 bodyweight deadlifts (60 kg)
4 rounds

I saw an Active Release Technique therapist yesterday for my shoulder, Steven Tolzmann in West Seattle. He used simple resistance tests to learn that my triceps and lats are partially “shut off” possibly due to overuse during my sudden gung-ho re-induction to 21-15-9 pull-ups and heavyish KB snatches. These upper-body muscles were most likely overused during the snatches because of the fact that (also discovered by Steven) my right glute medius is also shut off. The upper body had to compensate for a less than solid foundation by tightening up extra tight, it seems. The hip and the triceps are noticeably weak today despite his making a good start at re-activating them yesterday. I have another appointment in two weeks; maybe these things will resolve themselves.

I still have some pain in my upper arm, most likely because of some minor trauma to or pressure on the radial nerve. From what I’ve read, this will probably go away on its own, since it’s not due to a fracture and I don’t have any noticeable loss of movement or feeling in my wrist or hand.

It’s hard to accept that I have a basically unexplained weakness in my whole right side (why did the hip shut off?) and can’t do push-ups, dips, or decent presses for some unknown amount of time because of the weak triceps. Will exercising that and the hip (by doing abductions) reactivate these muscles or make them more stubborn? I need to find out more.