Short basement workout; triceps rehab

Last night before dinner, and after a long walk, I decided to do some stiff-leg deadlifts as well as test my weakened triceps with some presses. For the DLs, I warmed up and did 4 sets of 5 at 50 kg stiff-legged. At the lighter warm-up weights, up to 35 kg, I also did a bent-over row between each DL. Those are a challenging test of the safe back position and really tire me out.

I pressed the empty 20-kg barbell several times, concentrating on contracting the triceps and shrugging at the top. And I tried some push-ups. I can tell that the triceps on the right is not fully engaged. Push-ups feel like they’re being mostly carried by the left side, and presses just don’t feel as solidly locked on the right. I’m not sure if this is visible or only “feelable.” I will video it next time. Guess I should do one-handed presses to avoid the assistance of the left.

Some similar deficiency is affecting the lats on the right also, but I didn’t try to test that yesterday. The only way I can think of to test the lats without also using the triceps is to do pull-ups, and that’s bilateral so the left could carry more than its share. Having just come off an elbow problem on the left, I’m not anxious to do imbalanced pull-ups. Maybe later this week I will.

I wonder if this lats/triceps problem has existed for a long time and just wasn’t painfully obvious until two weeks ago. I have often felt that presses don’t lock out as solidly on the right as on the left. It was subtle, feeling sort of like a handedness issue; it worked, but there was a good side and a not-as-good side. It will be interesting to try to get this solved, and not a worrisome problem if I can at least work out at lighter intensity without pain.

The muscle pain in the upper back that I had for the first five days of this problem is completely gone. The shoulder joint pain I had for the next seven days and nights is gone. The ART therapist figured the joint was hurting because the muscles had held it so tightly together, protectively. The remaining symptoms I’m aware of are some remaining nerve pain/ache in the radial nerve under the triceps (feels like a deep bone ache combined with “sore skin” like when you get the flu and the skin hurts), and the triceps/lats weakness.

The ART therapist had also found my right glute medius wasn’t working. I think that’s come back to life. I’ve been able to test it with Tom’s help and I’ve done a lot of one-footed movements to try to keep it engaged.