400 air squats; deadlifts

Last night in Dave’s Friday night class, we paired up and each pair took turns doing 40 air squats (strictly full depth ones) and 10 push-ups until both people had had 10 turns. I did my squats very fast but my push-ups are bad! I used rings that were elevated enough to make them not too hard, and I concentrated on pushing with the right side especially, since that’s the side where I have a triceps (and lats) recruitment problem. No more pain though, thank goodness.

Today I went in and deadlifted up to 3 sets of 5 at 90 kg. Tom took a video of my third set and I could see that on the final two reps I lost the back extension just slightly, but then held the slightly rounded position the rest of the way, so I didn’t hurt anything or miss the lifts. The other helpful thing about being on video is that I have more incentive to finish all five reps!

Also on the last two reps I could see the bar swing out a little on the right side. I’m pretty sure that’s because of the partially missing lats recruitment. In deadlifting you have to pull the bar close to the body the whole time, and at several sets at 90 kg my right side could not quite hold it in.

To rehab my right triceps, I’m doing this silly-looking overhead triceps extension with a FIVE pound dumbbell, with a very s-l-o-w eccentric portion. By the time I do that five times my arm is shaking. I hope this makes a difference. I want my push-ups back and I want to go to the new Level 2 class Dave is now offering to some of us.