Interesting squat/rowing workout

We did this in Sean’s 7 AM class today but I think Matt came up with it at six.
Body weight back squats, as many reps as possible in 30 seconds
Immediately row 250m
Rest a few minutes
Four rounds. Record the numbers of reps and the row times.

I used 50 kg for the first three rounds, but felt really solid so I switched to 60 (actual body weight) for the last round.

8 / 57.3
9 / 58.2
11 / 59.3
11 (heavier) / 58.8

Then we did a kettlebell workout that involved one-hand swings, figure 8’s, clean and presses, halo, snatches, and lunges, and required not putting the kettlebell down for 12 minutes. I only used an 8. Felt great afterward, except for the migraine.