Weighted pull-ups, 2000m row

Last week one of the workouts involved weighted pull-ups and rowing. I hadn’t done weighted pull-ups in a long time because of my elbow tendonitis. It’s so much better now (no symptoms 90 percent of the time) that I decided to try them. The heaviest and most I managed that day was 2 reps with 12 kg. Erika took my picture doing one with 8 kg. Photos and videos that I upload may seem vain; but now that I’ve had the elbow problem and felt like it was such a huge setback, I find it reassuring and empowering to see myself doing some of the difficult drills. So, I’ll use the Internet to indulge myself.

Rowing 2000m, I finished in 8:33.5. Not in the top three women’s times that day, but well under the women’s Level 2 time benchmark of 8:50. It sure was a long eight and a half minutes!