20 back squats slightly better benchmark

Today’s planned workout at the gym was our first instance of having everybody try the “take your 10-rep max back squat and do 20 reps with it.” I was one of few who had tried this even once before. In my two most recent entries I described doing 20 squats at a guesstimated 10-RM of 70 kg. Today I went for 80 kg and succeeded. It was significantly more difficult, but the experience makes me more willing to push even harder in a couple of weeks for 20 reps at 85.

Other gym clients who haven’t been squatting very long used today’s 20 heavy reps to try something tougher than normal, to use their resolve, and to begin to narrow down what is TRULY HEAVY for them. A lot of people seemed to have learned something and to have found it gratifying.

Also for me today, it was fun to do a muscle-up on the pull-up bar with the aid of a green rubberband. I was inspired to this by seeing Leigh Anne do it. It was a nice stunt!