Basement deadlifts and jumps

Having tried 20 heavy squats, I thought I’d try 20 heavy deadlifts. Eighty kg? That’s what Tom suggested and I confidently agreed as I headed downstairs to the Dungeon of Dread. After warming up I realized my GRIP would be getting a going-over. So I decided to stick with bodyweight (60 kg) for the 20 reps. This was uncomfortable but hardly an epic struggle.

I followed up with:
5 bodyweight deadlifts followed instantly with no rest by
5 “jump as high as you can” jumps (unweighted)
5 rounds
This part took 3 minutes. My low back had a slight ache on the left occasionally for the next 24 hours but no biggie. My forearms inside and out were tight from all the gripping. I now have a great shoulder stretch to relieve the discomfort when the tennis elbow on the left acts up a bit.