“Elizabeth” in the basement

They did Elizabeth in the gym on Monday but I wasn’t able to work out that day, so I did it the next day in our basement. I knew my ring dips would be bad but made up my mind to do them even though I’d have to do one or two or three at a time.

21-15-9 reps of:
Cleans (40 kg)
Ring dips, no jump
My time: 20:49

This is really slow but what the heck, I got through it as prescribed. I took video of the final (9-rep) round in order to see how my cleans are looking when they’re heavyish and I’m tired. Am I able to keep my arms straight until the last instant? Am I shrugging and extending with a bit of layback rather than going forward? I’m going to put together some video today to compare to the one from about a month ago, “Clean Up Your Cleans.”