Fight Gone Badly and more

I worked out four times this week. Elizabeth in the basement; Fight Gone Bad on Thursday; Back squats and calisthenics on Friday; and heavy kettlebell swings and jumprope on Saturday morning.

My Fight Gone Bad scores are down from last time:
Wallball, 12 lbs: 30, 24, 21
Sumo deadlift highpull, 2 x 12 kg kettlebells: 23, 17, 15 (down a little)
Box jumps on our higher box: 17, 13, 13 (this one was WAY down)
Pushpress, 25 kg barbell: 15, 13, 11 (also way down)
Row for calories: 12, 10, 10

On Saturday morning we had two attempts to do as many heavy kettlebell swings as we could without stopping. I did 52 and 26 swings with a 24-kg weight. One of our very fit women clients did 121 swings with the same weight – so impressive! I have to work on my conditioning, clearly, considering those FGB scores and KB swings. Oh… and I need to work on ring dips for a better Elizabeth time next time. I suppose any day I don’t work out in the gym I should do max kettlebell swings and several max sets of ring dips in the basement. There is always so much to work on!