Saturday workouts

Saturday’s Level 2 workout class a couple of weeks ago involved practicing the parts of a muscle-up, and I learned what I need to work on first if I’m ever going to do a muscle-up: hanging my full weight on the rings using a false grip, which is painful at first, so I don’t do it; and from there, pulling myself high enough so that the rings hit the bottom of my sternum. Dave points out that if you pull that high, the hands are below the armpits, so that you can work on shifting the upper body forward between the rings and then extend the arms to push yourself up.

Last Saturday’s Level 2 workout, I don’t remember, except for its glorious finale–one of my favorite things–super-heavy farmer walks back and forth inside the gym. I’m terrible at around-the-block farmer walks and the weak link is my grip. But it turns out I can carry something extremely heavy for the perhaps 70-foot distance it takes to make one lap up and down inside the gym. Last week I carried two 24-kg kettlebells in each hand (passing the wrist through one and gripping the other), totalling 96 kg, which is a very heavy deadlift for me with a barbell let alone carrying it. Let’s see… that is 211 pounds. I love it. It hits me like a max deadlift does, with extreme fatigue later in the day. I was tired from that farmer walk for three days.

Today’s class involved: two teams of four. One team did 20 rope climbs among them while the other team did parallel-bar swings. Then we traded. I love rope climbs and I did my share, five of them. For the next part, one team ran 200 meters while the other one did dips, then swapped. I was happy because I kept up with the guys on the run, even though my dips were a lot weaker than theirs. We went through the run/dips ordeal twice and I was so glad to be done running! Finally we did some stretching. I got to show people a good shoulder-opening chest stretch from the book Stretching and Flexibility by Kit Laughlin. The book was recommended to me by the massage therapist Colin Broadwater at Glow, who is now a CrossFit junkie.