A cool new stunt

I wish I had a photo or video of this! Next time I will get one! In the nine AM level 2 class last Saturday we learned to do one-arm barbell snatches. Just like dumbbell snatches but with the added balance issue. I had never done these before and had unwittingly dismissed them as something only guys can do! Silly!

As usual (with a new lift) I was pretty conservative on weight, and used the women’s bar with 5 kg on it, for 20 kg. The workout was: 4 combination hanging leg raise/lever hang; two handstand push-ups; two one-arm BB snatches per side; 10 rounds. It was so fun and so tiring because of the HLR/lever hangs in particular. I managed three single handstand push-ups, against the wall, with an AbMat under my head. After that I did controlled negatives. Love those one-arm BB snatches! A cool stunt!