Another cool workout, and a snatch test

In Scott’s noon class today we did 5 x 5 weighted dips, then with a partner, take turns doing 3 cleans and do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. For the dips, I managed a few reps with 8 kg attached to me, but I did the 5 x 5 with a 15-lb dumbbell between my ankles. Adding weight to bodyweight drills is so gratifying. For the cleans, I used 30 kg and my partner and I did 32 rounds.

In the evening after I was done working, I decided to try the new RKC snatch test: snatch a 16-kg kettlebell as many reps in five minutes as equal your weight in kilos. Someone recently pointed out that this (at my weight of 60 kg) is one snatch every five seconds, and this seemed intimidating, though I realized that each rep takes way less time than five seconds. I thought I had better try this now in case I need to train to do it in September when I go renew my certification. Kellie timed me and counted reps, and I did 60 reps in 2:47 without putting the weight down. I ought to work towards doing all 60 with only one hand-switch, but for the new snatch test you can switch off as much as you need to.