Yesterday and today: cleans

I’m working on full cleans, from the ground, catching in a squat. Yesterday I did sets of three or four or five and worked up two or three kilos at a time to 57 kg – my body weight. By then I was tired. I did some good ones at 52, jumped greedily to 57, did one good one, and then failed repeatedly, even at lighter weights. I was done!

Today I worked up a lot faster to 50 kg, then spent 15 minutes doing broken sets of 3, and sitting down between sets. This went great. I feel like I should keep doing 50 a couple more times until it is boring, then do 52, 54, 56, 57, each on their own separate day. There is something about jumping up with your own weight on a bar and diving underneath it. Something prohibitive, it seems!

Today after that I did yesterday’s CrossFit Seattle workout: for 12 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of 5 broad jumps and 10 heavy kettlebell swings (24 kg). I did 14 rounds of this.