Bar muscle-up and other fun

I had a great day yesterday that seemed to be full of successes.

New trainee Donna, in her second session, made huge progress on her deadlift technique. She’s sticking with personal sessions for a while so I can tailor the sessions to her, which is going to be really fun.

Then I had a gymnastics-filled 4 PM class and it went great! I had gone to Dave’s 7 AM class to see how he would progress people through L-sits and then into some tumbling, and I did it his way, mostly. We warmed up then stretched the hamstrings a lot, using partners, in order to facilitate the L-sits. We did a bunch of that, not holding for too long but doing reps.

Then in the tumbling section I came up with a couple of simple drills that seemed to help people go from forward rolls into handstand roll-outs without crashing down. First, during the forward roll I asked people to be sure to put the back of their head on the mat and then roll. If they flew into the roll without putting their head down, I was more afraid they would do the same thing out of the handstand and knock the breath out of themselves. Second, I added a second round of forward rolls that started in a sort of downward-dog position – hands on the mat with STRAIGHT arms; then bend the arms and tuck the chin, round the back and roll.

From there, when we went into the handstand roll-outs (spotting and cueing each other), people were able to lower themselves without crashing. Ten people and only one minor crash. I was very happy with this and everyone had fun.

During my hour break I had a personal success at doing my first bar muscle-up. Yay! Ryan saw me trying it and told me to throw my head forward to help get completely over the bar, and this worked right away. I did two of the bar muscle-ups and could not do any more the rest of the evening. Today my shoulders really feel worked! Can’t wait to try those again when I’m fresh. Here’s a really good video of bar muscle-ups. I couldn’t quickly find one of a woman doing them. Mental note – bring a camera nex time!

And finally, last night at six I had a second session with a very enthusiastic guy who loves working out and is fun to teach. So, it was a great day.