New stunts

Stunts are my favorite part of CrossFit. I ought to work harder (somehow – ?) to get a higher Fight Gone Bad score, but what really excites me is new one-off tricks like my recent “acquisition” of bar muscle-ups and hip-overs. Last Friday I added two more, a weighted pull-up with a 24-kg kettlebell attached to me, as well as a pistol on each leg with that same weight. We did the rest of the workout (a cool dumbbell complex) and then did a max push-ups test and I got 30. That was pretty good for being tired.

I am hoping to get a video this month on my 45th birthday doing consecutive alternating bar muscle-ups and hip-overs. Not 45 of ’em, though.

Today we did a max pull-ups test and I got 33 kipping, beating my old max of (I think) 27. I’ve lost nine pounds recently by eliminating all grains and almost all starches. I eat apples – is that a starch? Anyway, no bread, no rice, corn, etc., nothing with added sugar, none of my old staple of peanut butter and honey on toast, no ice cream… I eat a lot of meat, nuts, and fruit, and should eat more vegetables. But they require more planning and cooking and are not as fun in the summer as fruit!

I’m going to San Diego at the end of August as an assistant RKC staffer at the RKC Level 1 certification there. I’m totally psyched and if I don’t hurt myself on my stunts I should be in great shape for that. Fingers crossed (and I will be careful!).