“Elizabeth,” scaled

On Dutch Loewy’s video on programming for CrossFit gyms, and in a commentary I heard on CrossFit radio by someone whose name I’ve forgotten – Paul Eich, maybe? – I was reminded that CrossFit is scalable for a good reason, and we should not forget to use scaling in order to make people work at high intensity. Going as prescribed or close to it is appealing and can give a great sense of accomplishment, but if there is too much resting during the workout, it’s not really the same workout as prescribed anyway.

I decided I wanted to do “Elizabeth” in under 10 minutes, having done it recently in some long slow time that I’m not going to look up now. I used 25 kg for the cleans (full cleans) and did jump-assisted ring dips. I never stopped moving and finished in 6:50. Next time I’ll do it just a little heavier.

Later I did back squats, 5 x 5 at 75 kg. I used to be able to squat heavier than this. Right now I’m best at agility stunts and not as good at really heavy lifts. I can’t seem to be at my best at everything at once, but I guess that’s reasonable.