Still digging Monday’s workout: run, kettlebell swings

I think Matt came up with this one.

Run 200 meters (to the corner and back), then immediately do 10 kettlebell swings.

The run starts every two minutes. Finish the whole thing in about 1:30 for almost-adequate rest before next round starts; if you get less than 25 seconds rest, shorten the run.

15 rounds (so the workout took 30 minutes).

This was grueling! I used a 20 kg kettlebell. At round 9 or 10 I thought I was going to have to shorten the run to avoid nausea. But I laid on the floor for 20 seconds before the next round and stuck with the whole run for the rest of the workout without much problem (other than severe discomfort, of course!).

My run strategy, starting around round 5: sprint almost all-out to the fire hydrant – about 40-50 meters – then slow down for the rest of the run. I figured that would save me a few seconds while I was relatively fresh each round. It did that, but it also caused me to surprise people by tearing out ahead of them at full speed, so a few of us ended up loosely competing to keep up with each other. When Alex and Jason got out ahead of me, I was happy to trail them closely rather than trying to pass, but did NOT want to let them get back to the kettlebells more than a couple of steps ahead of me. I think the feeling was mutual when I ran out ahead of them. I liked this pressure cooker, which was caused by everybody starting the run together every time.

As usual with “a lot” of “fast” running (quotes used ironically since I’m not a great runner), I ended up with a little soreness and swelling laterally inside my right knee. This evening it will  be 48 hours and it’s getting better. I think our running totalled about 1.8 miles, 200 fast meters at a time. Ouch!