New RKC Snatch Test – Love it!

Several months ago I signed up as a volunteer assistant staffer at this month’s RKC in La Jolla. This will let me renew my RKC status without paying full price to go through the cert again, and will give me the (I hope) fun and educational experience of assisting the team leaders. I went to the RKC (Dragon Door) website to double check the physical testing requirements and saw that they had changed the snatch test. Two years ago I had to (at my weight and gender) snatch the 16 kg kettlebell 26 times without stopping. This year I would have to snatch it as many times as my weight in kilos in five minutes. That was about 58 to 60 snatches–not at all difficult to do in five minutes. I tried it right away, with a gym friend counting reps for me and keeping time, did not stop, and finished in about 2:40. Whew. That was almost an easier test than the old one.

So earlier this week the materials arrived for this upcoming course I’m assisting at. What’s this? The snatch test is now 100 reps for everyone, in five minutes, regardless of body weight. And at my weight, 16 kg is the weight I will use. Indeed the old new test must have been tried out and found to be too easy! I went out in the back yard yesterday to take this new new test, snatching the 16 kg 100 times. I succeeded with 20 seconds to spare. Now that’s a hard test! I think it’s great!

I wish I had looked at the website earlier to find out the test was changed, and I would have started practicing this sooner. The next two weeks I’m going to do the snatch test on Mondays and Fridays, and do pressing and maybe sprinting on Wednesdays and maybe Saturdays. The snatch test was challenging weight-wise and also winded and tired me like repeated sprints.