Workout blog catch-up

Last Wednesday, August 5:

Deadlift your body weight, or thereabouts, for as many nonstop reps as possible. (Less experienced lifters would not go that heavy; it takes several tries and a lot of deadlifting sessions to know what is a good challenge for this workout.) I used 70 kg and got 22 reps. I didn’t go to failure but only to shaky legs. I’ve seen shaky legs lead to failure too quickly for people because it is so hard not to let go of the bar and stand… just for a second… whoops, the set is over. I need to try to do that to literal failure. But can failure be defined as a bad back position, even if the lift succeeds? Should a trainer stop a trainee’s set if the back rounds and the lift is completed? In my opinion, yes, and that’s how I’d define it for myself. If the next rep leads to injury, it wasn’t worth continuing.

Next we divided into teams of four and each person did 150 wallball. We took turns doing 30. I used the blue ball. Our team was not fast compared to others throughout the day that were on the board – we took 22:12. Love it! I broke up only my last two sets and only for a breath here and there, not for long.

Friday, August 7: “Elizabeth” (21-15-9 full cleans and ring dips) I used 30 kg (Rx is 40) and used dip bars; no jumps on the dips. My time was 8:44.