Natural yard care, for free!

There is no reason I should post this on FitNotes except that I think I’m so darn clever. I have a big new planting bed on both sides of a gravel path. I dug the bed and installed the path just this year and I’ve planted it with some dwarf/miniature conifers and some flowers and other things that are still babies–leaving lots of bare dirt that started sprouting weeds. The other day I did a lot of weeding. 

Today I went to the park that’s the I-90 lid at MLK Way, raked nine bags of newly fallen leaves off of a pristine green lawn, took them home in The Rig and spread them on the planting beds. I still need about eight more bags for these beds plus several more for other places. I’ll probably go back there next Sunday and get more, or else ask neighbors if I can rake for them. The leaves look nice on the beds, but they’ll disintegrate and flatten down.

Deadlifts and pistols

Last night at CrossFit Seattle: 5 x 5 deadlifts. I didn’t end up doing five sets at the same working weight, but did 2 sets of 5 at 90 kg and one single lift at 100. I’m having trouble getting used to the alternating grip, but I think it will be worthwhile to do so.

Then we did a WOD involving alternating with a partner for 30 seconds of jumprope alt. with squats, push-ups, push-presses, box jumps, pull-ups, burpees, maybe something else I can’t remember. So you would jump rope, do one of the other things, then both people would rest for 30 seconds. Partner workouts are always fun. This was a week of hard workouts so this one was a nice light one.

Afterward I worked on pistols and ended up doing four or more (?) with a 24-kg kettlebell held in the rack position. These are so intense and really make my legs and rear tired for days. Unfortunately I completely forgot to remove my Nike Free’s, so I guess I would not get full kettlebell cred for these pistols.

Recent CrossFit workouts and lifts

Today at home:

Warmed up for 20 minutes with mobility, dynamic stretching, and unweighted and 8-kg kettlebell Turkish get-ups and one-sided overhead squats with the same kettlebell. Workout (based on today’s workout at CrossFit Seattle but not quite the same): 
6 barbell cleans – 40 kg
10 push-presses – 2 x 20-lb dumbbell (not going heavy, rehabbing shoulder impingement on left)
10 kettlebell swings – 24 kg
4 rounds
Time: about 12 minutes. Left shoulder responded better than last week when I tried light barbell presses. I rested it for the past four days and have been seeing Lonnie and Ed at IMT for physical therapy. I’ll rest it again for the next two days and will see Lonnie on Wednesday.
Two days ago, Saturday, at home: Ran around the block twice (.7 of a mile); got on the black foam roller for the IT bands and quads; worked up front squats to 3 sets of 5 at 60 kg. This felt really heavy after the run and roller massage.
Last Wednesday in Dave’s class at CrossFit Seattle: 
Two 24-kg kettlebell suitcase deadlift x 10
Toes to bar x 5
10 rounds. Time: 12:52 if I recall correctly. Then rested the shoulder on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Not that I didn’t use it at all, but I didn’t challenge the impingement.

Heavy lifts

I’ve fallen down on recording my workouts and benchmarks. Have had a lot of little projects going on.

Last Sunday: 15 single back squats at 90 kg, alternating with ankles-to-bar holds on the pull-up bar. Some of the squats were doubles. A coach would have told me to do them in threes or fives, but I was alone in the basement and being a bit of a chicken. Still I was very happy with that workout. And I was tired from it until Thursday.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on some technique exercises like pistols, stretches, and shoulder rehab. I have an impingement and got an excellent adjustment from Lonnie, a physical therapist at IMT in Shoreline and wanted to maintain what he had achieved with the shoulder. Naturally I overdid it and it became achy.

Thursday I avoided the military press workout in the gym and did more (gentler) shoulder rehab and then did the met con workout with the class. It involved V-ups, medicine ball cleans, and box jumps. A good fast one with some rest built in so you had fast intervals.

Today: deadlifts, working up to two heavy sets of three. I did a set of three and then a set of two at 100 kg. Something in the left adductor twinged on the last rep so I stopped–I definitely don’t want a hip problem to go with the shoulder problem. Then the met con involved sets of 7 hang power cleans (two 30-lb dumbbells), 14 hanging leg raises or knees to elbows (which I sucked at, but I think everyone felt that way), and 21 air squats. I’m tired! I love it when I just want to rest and I know that I’m not shirking or procrastinating but doing what I need.