Heavy lifts

I’ve fallen down on recording my workouts and benchmarks. Have had a lot of little projects going on.

Last Sunday: 15 single back squats at 90 kg, alternating with ankles-to-bar holds on the pull-up bar. Some of the squats were doubles. A coach would have told me to do them in threes or fives, but I was alone in the basement and being a bit of a chicken. Still I was very happy with that workout. And I was tired from it until Thursday.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on some technique exercises like pistols, stretches, and shoulder rehab. I have an impingement and got an excellent adjustment from Lonnie, a physical therapist at IMT in Shoreline and wanted to maintain what he had achieved with the shoulder. Naturally I overdid it and it became achy.

Thursday I avoided the military press workout in the gym and did more (gentler) shoulder rehab and then did the met con workout with the class. It involved V-ups, medicine ball cleans, and box jumps. A good fast one with some rest built in so you had fast intervals.

Today: deadlifts, working up to two heavy sets of three. I did a set of three and then a set of two at 100 kg. Something in the left adductor twinged on the last rep so I stopped–I definitely don’t want a hip problem to go with the shoulder problem. Then the met con involved sets of 7 hang power cleans (two 30-lb dumbbells), 14 hanging leg raises or knees to elbows (which I sucked at, but I think everyone felt that way), and 21 air squats. I’m tired! I love it when I just want to rest and I know that I’m not shirking or procrastinating but doing what I need.