Recent CrossFit workouts and lifts

Today at home:

Warmed up for 20 minutes with mobility, dynamic stretching, and unweighted and 8-kg kettlebell Turkish get-ups and one-sided overhead squats with the same kettlebell. Workout (based on today’s workout at CrossFit Seattle but not quite the same): 
6 barbell cleans – 40 kg
10 push-presses – 2 x 20-lb dumbbell (not going heavy, rehabbing shoulder impingement on left)
10 kettlebell swings – 24 kg
4 rounds
Time: about 12 minutes. Left shoulder responded better than last week when I tried light barbell presses. I rested it for the past four days and have been seeing Lonnie and Ed at IMT for physical therapy. I’ll rest it again for the next two days and will see Lonnie on Wednesday.
Two days ago, Saturday, at home: Ran around the block twice (.7 of a mile); got on the black foam roller for the IT bands and quads; worked up front squats to 3 sets of 5 at 60 kg. This felt really heavy after the run and roller massage.
Last Wednesday in Dave’s class at CrossFit Seattle: 
Two 24-kg kettlebell suitcase deadlift x 10
Toes to bar x 5
10 rounds. Time: 12:52 if I recall correctly. Then rested the shoulder on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Not that I didn’t use it at all, but I didn’t challenge the impingement.