Deadlifts and pistols

Last night at CrossFit Seattle: 5 x 5 deadlifts. I didn’t end up doing five sets at the same working weight, but did 2 sets of 5 at 90 kg and one single lift at 100. I’m having trouble getting used to the alternating grip, but I think it will be worthwhile to do so.

Then we did a WOD involving alternating with a partner for 30 seconds of jumprope alt. with squats, push-ups, push-presses, box jumps, pull-ups, burpees, maybe something else I can’t remember. So you would jump rope, do one of the other things, then both people would rest for 30 seconds. Partner workouts are always fun. This was a week of hard workouts so this one was a nice light one.

Afterward I worked on pistols and ended up doing four or more (?) with a 24-kg kettlebell held in the rack position. These are so intense and really make my legs and rear tired for days. Unfortunately I completely forgot to remove my Nike Free’s, so I guess I would not get full kettlebell cred for these pistols.

One thought on “Deadlifts and pistols”

  1. Yay alternating grip! You’ll be lifting barefoot next 😉
    (actually, I just need to get some WL shoes for myself)
    It feels really weird when you alternate your alternating grip – usually my weak hand (left) is reversed, but sometimes I’ll reverse my strong hand (right) instead and I don’t seem to lift as well.

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