Natural yard care, for free!

There is no reason I should post this on FitNotes except that I think I’m so darn clever. I have a big new planting bed on both sides of a gravel path. I dug the bed and installed the path just this year and I’ve planted it with some dwarf/miniature conifers and some flowers and other things that are still babies–leaving lots of bare dirt that started sprouting weeds. The other day I did a lot of weeding. 

Today I went to the park that’s the I-90 lid at MLK Way, raked nine bags of newly fallen leaves off of a pristine green lawn, took them home in The Rig and spread them on the planting beds. I still need about eight more bags for these beds plus several more for other places. I’ll probably go back there next Sunday and get more, or else ask neighbors if I can rake for them. The leaves look nice on the beds, but they’ll disintegrate and flatten down.