Five years of CrossFit: here’s CrossFit 206

Today is my last day as an employee at CrossFit Seattle. Dave and Nancy and their whole gym community are, more than any career or hobby I’ve ever had, the people who inspired me to do my best and to be my best self. With their training and inspiration, and after the passage of five years in the time it takes for a dropped barbell to hit the ground, Tom and I are taking the step of opening our own CrossFit affililate here in our part of Seattle, CrossFit 206.

Favorite CrossFit Seattle/CrossFit North memories:
– The giant, tall windows and ceiling in the old hangar that was CFN
– Walking in for my first session with Dave, feeling like the new girl in school, and Nancy greeting me with her beautiful smile as if I were an old friend she was delighted to see (she was getting ready to help teach the Team Survivor class along with Kristen Schriver and Carrie Klumpar, if I remember correctly)
– Dave running his adult gymnastics enthusiasts through attempt after attempt after attempt to learn the glide kip; I don’t know when I had felt glee like that since childhood!
– Staying after CrossFit class every Friday night to work on skin the cat, and whatever else I was obsessed with at the time; I always loved the rings
-Discovering with Dave’s help that I COULD LIFT HEAVY! Never knew how badly I wanted to do that!
– Being complimented by Dave after about six months on being “one of his best athletes”! I still puff out my chest over that remark after five years!! And he has loads of best athletes now!
– Goofing off with Tom, Dave and Nancy plus gym friends Dave and Cindy Shephard. I think I can safely say we all miss them both.
– The celebration of Dave leaving his day job to be a full-time CrossFit coach.
– The thrill of moving with them into CrossFit Seattle’s Fremont location and seeing the business thrive! Meeting loads of new CrossFitters!
CrossFitters, cross your fingers (crossfit your fingers?) for us that we will build an equally joyous, hardworking community at CrossFit 206! I’m eternally grateful for this whole process.