Working out in our own gym

Never until recently thought this would happen, as much as we loved the gym, that we’d have our own! Life is full of thrills and this is a big one!

I’m doing a deadlifting program based on one of Pavel’s simple progressions in Power to the People. This program was recommended to me by RKC/Facebook friend Cara Egeland. There are so many programs that it’s hard to just pick one and stick to it. Especially in a CF setting where we are hooked on variety. So, I do some warm-up sets and then my heaviest set of 5 deadlifts goes up by 5 pounds per workout. One heavy five is followed by five at 10 percent lighter. Today the two work sets were at 193 and 173. (Odd numbers are necessary because I’m mixing pounds and kilos in bumper plates and fractional plates.)

My deadlift goal is 265 lbs (120 kg), which is slightly more than twice my weight. My former 1-rep max several months ago was 254 (115 kg, which was twice my weight on that particular day!).

After the deadlifts, I did today’s CrossFit 206 workout: 8 KB snatch/side, 8 hspu’s (for me, negatives most of the time, or a few 8-sec holds instead), 8 goblet squats, 8 rounds for time, with a 16kg kettlebell. My time: 14: 48.

On Monday and Wednesday I did some barbell pressing. Wednesday I had a 1RM of 83 pounds. I was very happy with this. I had some nagging shoulder problems this year, mostly an impingement on the left side. A couple of years ago my 1RM press was 92 so now I feel I’m on my way back to that.