Today in a chilly mist I ran about 3.8 miles in my running shoes. I went from Sayres Park to where the path almost enters Seward Park, and back. I had no knee pain but I could feel the slight “feeling” before the knee hurts. But then I was done. The previous longest run I’ve done was 3 miles. I was going to go 3.2 today but got carried away. The lakeshore was so green and beautiful.


Sore from yesterday but still proud of doing that whole workout using the 20-kg kettlebell! Today I just did five sets of presses and got up to two reps at 87 pounds — a recent max, but being tired from yesterday tells me I will press more next week when my shoulders are fresh.

20 kg kettlebell snatches

I rediscovered yesterday that I can snatch the 20-kilo kettlebell. I hadn’t done this since my first RKC three years ago during Kenneth Jay’s snatch workout, which was something like 15 seconds snatching each of your light, medium, and heavy kettlebell for however many rounds. Last summer I did some one-arm snatches with a 20-kg barbell, but for kettlebells it was always the 16 that I used.

So last night I was excited to be able again or still to snatch the 20 for 2×5 on each side. Today’s workout: 5 20-kg kettlebell snatches per side; 12 slam ball; row 200 meters; 8 rounds. My time was 20:08. This is an unusually long workout for CrossFit 206. Tomorrow’s workout is short.

P.S. I forgot to mention that after the above workout, we did back squats. Usually we lift beforehand. Waiting until after the workout made the lifts seem unbelievably heavy. Even taking 130 out of the rack seemed like “you’ve gotta be kidding” and that was heavy enough for that day!

Wallball and kettlebell swings

I didn’t update FitNotes for such a long time for at least two reasons: getting CrossFit 206 up and running took all my attention, and I found recent Movable Type versions more and more cumbersome to use–especially once I compared it to WordPress, which I use to blog on It is so much easier. Recently I’ve been writing my workouts in a notebook, which is so handy to have in the gym, but I still missed blogging them. So now I’ve imported FitNotes as a new WordPress blog in order to carry on using it. I either will or will not add any design elements to it… we’ll see.

Yesterday, in the noon class with Aaron:

10 wallball (20/12#)
10 kettlebell swings (24/20 kg)
10 rounds for time: 9:43

This was such a fun workout (after doing some weighted pull-ups for the strength workout of the day) that it reminded me of the old days at CrossFit North. Getting beat down in a class with other people, even one other person, who I know I can’t quite keep up with–there is nothing quite like it! Certainly not working out by myself, in which case I probably would have been a minute slower.

And the day before yesterday–Monday:

5×3 cleans up to 113 lbs
…and later in the day I ran two miles. I’ve been slowly working up from 1.5 to 3 miles and experimenting with Converse versus Brooks running shoes (ie changing my gait) to eliminate knee pain. I’ve gone three miles at least twice with no pain and hope to do that tomorrow.