20 kg kettlebell snatches

I rediscovered yesterday that I can snatch the 20-kilo kettlebell. I hadn’t done this since my first RKC three years ago during Kenneth Jay’s snatch workout, which was something like 15 seconds snatching each of your light, medium, and heavy kettlebell for however many rounds. Last summer I did some one-arm snatches with a 20-kg barbell, but for kettlebells it was always the 16 that I used.

So last night I was excited to be able again or still to snatch the 20 for 2×5 on each side. Today’s workout: 5 20-kg kettlebell snatches per side; 12 slam ball; row 200 meters; 8 rounds. My time was 20:08. This is an unusually long workout for CrossFit 206. Tomorrow’s workout is short.

P.S. I forgot to mention that after the above workout, we did back squats. Usually we lift beforehand. Waiting until after the workout made the lifts seem unbelievably heavy. Even taking 130 out of the rack seemed like “you’ve gotta be kidding” and that was heavy enough for that day!