Cleans again

7 sets of 3 cleans at 65, 75, 85, 95, 95, 105, 115

They feel great but are inconsistent in speed at 115. I’ll stick there until it is solid, then go up slowly to try to get a solid and consistent body-weight clean in the next few months. It is worth thinking about the reasons why I flew past a body-weight deadlift way back in the dawn of time and yet have never got solid at body-weight cleans: consistent practice; the fact that jumping the weight up is a completely different animal than deadlifting it–but it begins with a deadlift. This is like starting with an elephant and presto! changing it into a cheetah when it crosses a certain line. It’s an alchemist’s art and requires more skill than just being the elephant–but if one isn’t a good elephant one can never turn into the cheetah! Wow, how’s that! 🙂