Bike ride

Last Sunday, 33-mile bike ride on Bainbridge Island. My first ride of over five miles in many, many months, maybe a year. It’s Wednesday and I’m still tired from it! We spent 3 hours 19 minutes pedaling, but spent about five hours total on the ride with leisurely stops (including at a wine tasting where we met a vacationing couple from California).

Today I took my bike to R&E Cycles to have it fitted and tuned up. The fit expert, Smiley, told me not to worry about trying to keep my back straight on the bike. That puts you on the pubic bone. It’s okay to curve your back; use a slight squeeze of the hands on the brake hoods to activate the core/abs to support the back. He was right, it works.

He said fatigue in the low back is because of not being accustomed to long rides. He adjusted my cleats, seat height, and handlebar tilt. He told me to position my elbows pointing down and keep them in a bit; and pedal with my knees slightly in medially. That is supposed to use the IT band and outer quad/knee a little less and the adductors and abductors (?) a little more. He said other things too that showed he really does have an eye for positioning and movement, and a passion for bike fitting. So it was a good experience and I’m hopeful of being a little more comfortable on this weekend’s 15+ mile ride, keeping in mind that this is still going to feel pretty long and I’m not used to it yet!