Running, kayaking

Today I ran a 5k route that I had measured in Seward Park. (You can’t just go around once because that is only 2.5 miles.) I ran this more-or-less 5k route in 27:08. I sped up when I passed the 2.5-mile mark. Hopefully that will happen this Saturday evening too, in the Torchlight 5k, but I expect to be slower in the evening.

I also rode my bike down to Belltown and back today for a doctor appointment–getting a fasting blood lipid profile to see if the rather lax Paleo-approximate diet I’m on is as healthy as it seems to be. I have not had a cold or anything else in the 17 months since I gave up the grains and sugar. My elbow tendonitis, which had just gone away at that time, has shown no signs of coming back. And I feel more motivated and positive throughout the day in general.

Yesterday: a modified “Daniel” workout in 10:13, which was:

25 pull-ups
Run 250 meters
15 thrusters (55 lbs)
Run 500m
15 thrusters
25 pull-ups

Sunday, we spent five hours kayaking off of Anacortes on calm, blue water, in sunny weather, around Burrows Island and Allen Island, where we had lunch and poked sea creatures in tide pools.

Long weekend bike rides

Went with Maureen to Monmouth, Oregon, for a two-day bike ride. The first day we left Monmouth heading east and rode 63 miles through idyllic farms, forests, and hills, in bright sunshine, with lots of singing birds and fragrant hay in the fields. It wasn’t very hilly, just in a few places. On the second day our ride was only 35 miles but it was relentlessly hilly, windy, and did not get sunny until 25 miles into it. Still, we loved it. Both days were great in contrast to each other. Today I feel fine, not sore, legs not tired based on doing different activities today. Today I did a bunch of sets of 3 clean and jerks up to 90 pounds.

Thursday July 15

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes: 10 dumbbell snatch 20 lbs; 15 V-ups; 10 kettlebell swings 16 kg; 6+ rounds. This was too short so I added two more minutes to it for the remaining classes that day.

Fun one today

At noon with Patrick and Dana in class.

Six-minute abs workout that I got from Lianne.
Barbell snatch practice (light bars).
WOD: 4 rounds for time –

  • Run 250m
  • 15 push-press 95/75 (I only used 45 lbs)
  • 15 V-ups


Monday at CrossFit 206

At noon with the class: shoulder press to 3 x 5 at 70 lbs. I planned to go to 85 but could not get close, not sure why. Then: every min. on the minute, 4 deadlifts, 6 KB swings, 3 burpees, 20 minutes. I used a 24 kg kettlebell throughout. Should have used a heavier one for the DLs.

Bike ride – West Seattle

On Sunday we parked the truck at Jack Perry Memorial Park south of downtown on Marginal, and rode counterclockwise around West Seattle via (eventually) Barton and then northbound on 16th Ave. SW. By the time we were back to the truck it was 20 miles. It was such a nice, flat ride that I could have done a lot more. This hopefully bodes well for this weekend’s rural Oregon two-day ride.

Three (four) workouts


Back squats up to 5 x 185 (I seem to be maintaining here but not going heavier these days – not doing it often enough)

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 box jump 20″ and pushpress 55 lbs, 5:50. Pushpress was too easy but had to do this light weight because of catching in right shoulder.

Yesterday at another CrossFit (the Lab):
Warm up with hurdle stepovers and stretches on top of the hurdles, ouch;
5 TGU per side, 10 windmill per side, run 400 with sandbag, 3 rounds not timed. I used 8 kg first round, 12 kg other two, but did 3 / 6/ no sandbag on third round.

Sunday on Lopez Island: 35 mile bike ride. Slow.

Last Friday at Pocock with Lianne:
Row 500, approx 85 lunge steps outside with 20-lb dumbbell overhead, 26+ minutes.