Three (four) workouts


Back squats up to 5 x 185 (I seem to be maintaining here but not going heavier these days – not doing it often enough)

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 box jump 20″ and pushpress 55 lbs, 5:50. Pushpress was too easy but had to do this light weight because of catching in right shoulder.

Yesterday at another CrossFit (the Lab):
Warm up with hurdle stepovers and stretches on top of the hurdles, ouch;
5 TGU per side, 10 windmill per side, run 400 with sandbag, 3 rounds not timed. I used 8 kg first round, 12 kg other two, but did 3 / 6/ no sandbag on third round.

Sunday on Lopez Island: 35 mile bike ride. Slow.

Last Friday at Pocock with Lianne:
Row 500, approx 85 lunge steps outside with 20-lb dumbbell overhead, 26+ minutes.